What Is The Best Pacifier?

What Is The Best Pacifier?


As a new mom, I vividly remember the countless hours spent Googling everything- including "the best pacifier". The overwhelming options, conflicting advice, and sleep-deprived nights led me on a quest to find the "best" pacifier—one that would actually work while addressing my concerns. We went through countless pacifiers, and I didn't love any of them. Hence, Soothe Beginnings was born and improved pacifiers in every aspect.

The Essentials: What Makes a Pacifier Great?

1. Proper Latch Mirroring Feeding Journey

A pacifier should mimic the feeding experience for optimal oral development. Pacifiers should promote a proper latch, allowing your baby to suck comfortably and accept the pacifier. Breastfed babies and bottlefed babies have different latches. As you navigate breastfeeding, bottlefeeding,  or a combination of the two, a pacifier should align with feeding. Plus, breastfeeding parents shouldn't feel like they are trapped into being a human pacifier.

2. Latex-Free

Safety is paramount. Pacifiers made from silicone are latex-free and hypoallergenic. Latex, (also marketed as "natural rubber") is one of the allergens that with increased exposure, is an increased risk of developing an allergy. At Soothe Beginnings, our pacifiers are intentionally latex-free, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

3. Made in the USA

Quality and trust matter. Our products are made and tested in the USA. They adhere to strict regulations at the factory and fair labor practices. Soothe Beginnings proudly crafts its pacifiers domestically, prioritizing safety, family owned business, and excellence.

4. Convenience and Ease of Cleaning

Busy parents need hassle-free solutions. Our pacifiers are dishwasher-safe and can be thoroughly sanitized, unlike traditional pacifiers. Nobody wants to give their newborn a pacifier that's a breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Safety First

Soothe Beginnings pacifiers are designed with safety in mind. No individual component is smaller than 32mm intentionally. We also test every single batch from the factory, whereas the pacifier regulations are to only test once per year. 

5. Ecofriendly And Nontoxic

At Soothe Beginnings, we’re committed to sustainability. Our pacifiers are designed with both your baby and the environment in mind:

  1. Materials: We use high-quality, food-grade, non-toxic materials that are safe for your little one and gentle on the planet. Our silicone pacifiers are free from harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates. Silicone is also recyclable!

  2. Ecofriendly Packaging: Our plastic-free packaging is entirely recyclable, and some components even compostable.

  3. Longevity: Durable and easy to clean, our nonporous cap and shields are built to last, which means less waste.

At Soothe Beginnings, we understand the journey of parenthood. Our pacifiers are more than just products—they’re companions on this beautiful ride. Trust us to provide the best for your little one, because every soothing moment matters.