Are Silicone Nipples Better For Pacifiers?

Are Silicone Nipples Better For Pacifiers?

It's crucial to know what your baby is coming into contact with daily. Let's dive into why Soothe Beginnings chooses specific materials for our pacifier nipples and how we ensure their safety and sustainability.

The Choice of Material: Food Grade Silicone

Our pacifier nipples are crafted from food grade silicone, which is a safe, non-toxic, and durable material. Silicone is known for its softness and flexibility, which makes it ideal for mimicking the natural feel that babies are accustomed to. It’s also latex-free, which is an important factor for us as latex is a known allergen. Latex is also marketed as "natural rubber". Increased exposure to latex has been shown to heighten the risk of developing allergies, which is why we’ve chosen to avoid it entirely in our pacifiers. 

Rigorous Safety Testing

Safety is our highest priority. While the industry standard requires testing only once per year, at Soothe Beginnings, we test every batch of our silicone nipples. This rigorous testing ensures that each product meets our high safety standards before it reaches your hands. By going beyond the minimum requirements, we aim to provide peace of mind for parents who trust our products with their little ones.

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Did You Know? Silicone Is Recyclable

In addition to being safe and soft, silicone has the added benefit of being recyclable. In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we encourage parents to recycle their used pacifiers. Silicone recycling helps to lessen the ecological footprint of our products and supports our commitment to sustainability.

Trust and Transparency in Every Product

By choosing Soothe Beginnings, you’re opting for products that not only safeguard your baby’s health but also contribute to a healthier planet. Our commitment to using food grade, latex-free silicone and conducting frequent safety tests is part of our pledge to maintain transparency and trust with our customers. As parents, you deserve to know what your children are exposed to, and we’re here to provide that information with clarity and honesty.